The angels and Bosley are in a restaurant celebrating after a case but Kris has to leave early because she has an appointment.  When Kris is walking to her car she witnesses a murder in the car park.  The murderer realises that Kris has seen him and runs her down.  Kris is knocked out and when she awakens she has lost her memory and can't even remember her name.

The next morning Kelly, Sabrina and Boslet are worried when Kris doesn't show up for work.  They all retrace their steps back to the restaurant and discover Kris' car is still there but there is no sign of Kris.  Meanwhile kris has been wandering around aimlessly and has spent the night lying on the beach.  She keeps getting flashbacks about her life but still can't remember anything.

The murderer, Ted Burton is suspicious of Kelly and Sabrina because they are hanging around the restaurant asking questions.  He pretends to want to help Kelly and Sabrina find Kris but really he wants to find her first so he can kill her too.

Charlie does a check on Ted Burton and finds out that he is wanted for robbery and murder.  Burton finds Kris on the beach before the others but Kris is starting to get her memory back so she runs from him.  Burton corners Kris and is just about to shoot her when Bosley appears and shoots Burton first.

Season 3